茶几Arena coffee table

Coffee Table | Glass/Marble Coffee Tables and Tea Tables

Beside sofa, coffee table / tea table probably is another important item for your living room. It serves several purposes, first of all, it's completing your living room's look, making it feel more accommodated. Second, coffee table / tea table is the best way to do storage and display for your living room and it won't take too much extra room for itself.

Therefore, the real question is which coffee table will work for your room. Should you go with a wood one or metallic one? Is coffee table with chunky legs better than with a glass top; How about the shap of coffee table? round? square? or rectangular? The options can be overwhelming.

We're here to provide you some useful tips to help choose the right one!

  • Budget is important. The price points for a coffee table can range from ultra-expensive to very budget friendly, normally can be break down into areas like accessories, lighting and furniture.
  • What kind of shape will fit your living room style? A round or oval coffee table is ideal if you have children or pets.
  • Picking the size based on the size of your living room. The height of a coffee table is important. It should be no lower than 1-2 inches from the seat of your couch.
  • Is the coffee table has good functionality? Consider factors regarding the storage. Tables can come with shelves, or drawers to hold lots of stuff.
  • Material is crucial, which will not only affect the quality, but also decide the look of the coffee table.

Ready to buy a coffee table or tea table after reading all above tips? There are 21 quality Italian coffee tables and European coffee tables you definitely should check out!

Air Round: round coffee table made with Wood and Glass

傢俬茶几Air Round coffee table

The round Air coffee table is distinguished for its elegant, essential lines. The wide selection of table top finishes and sizes lets you create a round coffee table that dialogues harmoniously with other elements of LAGO furniture.

You can play with various modules combining table tops in different heights and materials, rendering the coffee table a dynamic, functional complement.

A piece that lends refinement to any style of furniture in the living room, perfect for pairing with transformable sofas, for vast compositional freedom, sideboards and elegant, light bookscases.

Coffee table Brand: LAGO

Materials: Glass, Wood

Coffee table Sizes: W50 / 90 / 120 x H28 / 32cm

Arena: brushed bronze round coffee table

茶几Arena coffee table

Coffee table with black embossed lacquered steel base and top in Brushed Bronze or Brushed Grey lacquered steel.

In BOND and DOUBLE BOND versions, main coffee table is sided by one or two coffee tables with base in black embossed lacquered steel, column in Brushed Bronze or Brushed Grey lacquered steel and swivelling fumé beveled glass top.

Coffee table Brand: Cattelan Italia

Materials: Brushed Bronze, Glass

Coffee table Sizes:

  • Diam. 120 x H29cm
  • W153/193 x D120 x H37cm – BOND
  • W186/266 x D120 x H37cm – DOUBLE BOND

Benny: ceramic square coffee table

Benny coffee table

In the hands of experts, even the simplest material could be surprising.

Just as ceramic in the hands of Cattelan italia’s craftsmen is not just ceramic.

Ceramic is not just “wanna-be” marble, as it provides tremendous creative freedom to maestros such Cattelan italia. The Benny Keramik coffee table, in this case, amazes us with the sharp color contrast and extremely delicate paintings.

Coffee table Brand: Cattelan Italia

Materials: Ceramic, Wood

Coffee table Sizes:

  • W119 x D119 x H28cm
  • W119 x D24 x H17cm
  • W119 x D24 x H38cm
  • W119 x D24 x H48cm
  • W36 x D36 x H33cm
  • W36 x D36 x H43cm
  • W36 x D36 x H53cm
  • W60 x D60 x H28cm
  • W60 x D60 x H38cm
  • W60 x D60 x H48cm
  • W79 x D24 x H17cm
  • W79 x D24 x H38cm
  • W79 x D24 x H48cm
  • W99 x D99 x H28cm

Billy: ceramic round coffee table

Billy coffee table

Why we like ceramic-top coffee tables?

It is actually better to answer this question by asking a rhetorical question – what’s not to like? Their practicality and resistance to stains do not hinder its universal elegance.

Whether you are a classic gentleman who seeks a extravagant furnishing, or a simple youngster who looks for another fine addition to your simplistic homestyle, Billy Keramik the coffee table would be your ultimate answer.

Billy Wood is also there available if you prefer the naturalistic look.

The coffee table, manufactured by Cattelan italia, has become a customer favourite due to its ability to seamlessly adapt to your place – with its impeccable combination of the ceramic top and the steel base.
In short, we can’t find a reason to dislike Billy.

Coffee table Brand: Cattelan Italia

Materials: Brushed Bronze, Ceramic, Wood

Coffee table Sizes:

  • Diam. 100 x H28cm
  • Diam. 36 x H33cm
  • Diam. 36 x H43cm
  • Diam. 36 x H53cm
  • Diam. 60 x H28cm
  • Diam. 60 x H38cm
  • Diam. 60 x H48cm

Biplane: glass coffee table

Biplane coffee table

Coffee table with embossed painted steel structure. Clear or fumé glass upper top and ceramic lower top. Brass details.

Coffee table Brand: Cattelan Italia

Materials: Ceramic, Glass

Coffee table Sizes:

  • W162 x D82 x H40cm
  • W122 x D122 x H40cm


Cassius coffee table

It can be said, a coffee table is not a stripped down version of a dining table. To be qualified as a “coffee table”, the table has to “do more with less”: to deliver a subtle beauty that can’t be found on dining tables with a much smaller size.

Naos Italia, with their motto “Against Fixed Ideas”, knows what coffee tables should be, and they demonstrate their understands with their work -Cassius.

With its synchronised revolving table tops, Cassius coffee table creates its own unique motion with its extension mechanism of 2 tops.

Naos just knows what “Made in Italy” means.

Coffee table Brand: NAOS

Materials: Glass

Coffee table Sizes: W50 / 90 / 120 x HW84/128 x D84/106 x H40cm


Downtown coffee table

Three distinct and beautiful pieces bring together the vision that is Downtown coffee table.

Coffee tables, tea tables, side tables and console uniquely sit alone and together to form a different kind of coexistence, one where it is possible to achieve multiple looks under branch of furniture design.

Each supported on a metal structure, the tops are distinctly designed to combine the very best in contemporary styling; choices of slim line wooden tops denote a sense of natural tones whilst their shape is altogether more classical in a historical sense. This is about bringing the things we like from the past to a present day form; new engineering, appreciation of materials, concept re-thinks and more.

Downtown coffee table is for the discerning stylist, one that wants to keep a close eye on today’s new trends without forgetting the past.

Coffee table Brand: Arketipo Firenze

Materials: Glass, Wood

Coffee table Sizes:

  • W145 x D87 x H27/33cm – 2
  • W154 x D35 x H60cm
  • W139 x D61.5 x H47cm – L


茶几E238 coffee table

E238 coffee table

Eclipse is a CPRN Homood furniture collection, characterized by a minimalist contemporary and elegant design.

Every stylistic choice is oriented to lightness; the lines are clean, the furniture’s body is raised from the floor thanks to cone-shaped elements which give strength and dynamism to the items, the metal complements highlight the verticality of this model.

The choice of the material is subject to great attention: the thermo-treated oak and the burnished brass metal finish give a warm and textured feeling, while White Carrara Marble, used on tops, creates interesting colour combinations and emphasizes the furniture luxury.

Coffee table Brand: Cipriani

Materials: Ceramic, Wood

Coffee table Sizes: Diam. 40 x H51cm

Girotondo: marble round coffee table

Girotondo coffee table

We just embrace diversity. When someone is amazed by the grandeur of dark colors, you simply find your life already dim enough.

When someone cannot find any excitement in light colors, you somehow appreciate the quaintness of beige. And Girotondo coffee table is just that diverse as well – coming with its diversity and options in colors, the Italian coffee table consists of tops that can adapt to your uncertainty in colors and materials.

Naos, the Italian manufacturer, simply puts your taste into motions.

Coffee table Brand: NAOS

Materials: Ceramic, Glass, Marble

Coffee table Sizes: Diam. 85/124 x H40cm

Kaos: marble coffee table

茶几Kaos coffee table

Marble coffee table with graphite or white embossed steel base. Top in printed maple with geometric pattern.

Coffee table Brand: Cattelan Italia

Materials: Marble

Coffee table Sizes: Customizable

Lothar: wood coffee table

coffee table Lothar

Wooden coffee table with embossed graphite painted steel. Canaletto walnut upper shelf and embossed graphite lacquered lower shelf.

Coffee table Brand: LAGO

Materials: Wood

Coffee table Sizes:

  • W90 x D90 x H40cm
  • W120 x D120 x H40cm


Madison coffee table

Extendable coffee table with  4  glass or ceramic tops. Equipped with an innovative double synchronized mechanism that allow the 4 tops to be extended at once.

Coffee table Brand: NAOS

Materials: Ceramic, Glass

Coffee table Sizes: W72/139 x D72/139 x H42cm


Myflower coffee table

Bringing dynamics into modern home settings is always the goal of the Italian furniture manufacturer NAOS. MyFlower, embracing this philosophy, is the coffee table that brings glass and ceramic into life.

With their mechanism geometry, the synchronized tops in glass and ceramic can be extended and put into action to your will.It withers, it blossoms, like a flower.

Coffee table Brand: NAOS

Materials: Ceramic, Glass

Coffee table Sizes: W80/160 x D82/147 x H37cm


Nido coffee table

Nido glass coffee table has a typical combination of crystal glass top with metal legs, but with a design of geometric beauty. The metal legs are composed of intertwined wires which can be visible no matter from the top or the sides.

Coffee table Brand: Cattelan Italia

Materials: Glass

Coffee table Sizes:

  • Diam. 55 x H56cm
  • Diam. 49 x H49cm
  • Diam. 100 x H42cm
  • Diam. 120 x H35cm

Petra: square coffee table made with marble

Petra coffee table

With an off centre base and two distinct materials, Petra marble coffee table is the kind of small table that plays with the creative and challenges the engineering required to make something that not only stands out but works.

Overlapping surfaces and the unusual matches of several simple and austere geometric shapes distinctly resonate with the first glance shifting emotions into curiosity at their form and balance.

Designed to be used as individual items or as a group of pieces, each with the possibility of several design solutions such as cylinders, circles, squares and rectangles, Petra marble coffee table is a total design item to be admired for decades to come.

Coffee table Brand: Arketipo Firenze

Materials: Marble

Coffee table Sizes:

  • W60 x D34 x H25.5cm
  • W60 x D34 x H40.5cm
  • W60 x D34 x H55.5cm
  • W60 x D60 x H25.5cm
  • W60 x D60 x H40.5cm
  • W140 x D90 x H32.5cm

Petres: ceramic round coffee table

Petres coffee table

Looking ostentatious is probably the taboo in the current home-designing trend, especially when you need to combine black ceramic, glass and gold together.

Naos, the Italian maestro, has proven this notion wrong by introducing Petres the coffee table in the Mobile Del Milan 2017. With its dynamic mechanism, every components just blend in. Don’t stereotype extravagant, embrace it.

Coffee table Brand: NAOS

Materials: Glass, Ceramic

Coffee table Sizes: Diam.85 / W132 x D125 x H40cm


茶几Quadra coffee table

Any lettered audience will know the intricacy of Quadra the coffee table.

Known for being a ‘fragile’ material, glass was considered as the cherry on the top by the others, but not Fiam.

Just from the appearance of Quadra, it is obvious Fiam possesses immense gallantry and expertise in glass. With Fiam’s curved glass tech, Quadra glass coffee table displays the Italian way of decor while being able to withstand brute impact and pressure.

But of course, only lettered audience will know.

Coffee table Brand: FIAM

Materials: Glass

Coffee table Sizes:

  • W90 x D90 x H30cm
  • W120 x D120 x H30cm
  • W160 x D160 x H34cm


Rio coffee table

Wooden coffee table with base in embossed lacquered aluminium. MDF veneered top in log section of walnut tree trunk. Approximate sizes of the top, each piece is unique and different in shape and size.

Coffee table Brand: Cattelan Italia

Materials: Wood

Coffee table Sizes:

  • W50 x D60 x H35cm
  • W50 x D60 x H42cm
  • W50 x D60 x H50cm


Sting coffee table

Sting – Size matters not

Small, Sting the coffee table might seem, but they do pack a punch.

As they are becoming more and more experienced in the Hong Kong market, Cattelan italia is trying their best to make the best with the least. Sting, featuring the beautiful ceramic top and the robust steel base, can adapt to any household.

Sting displays Cattelan italia’s minimalist yet delicate approach towards the ideal coffee table – simple on its own, complicate as the whole, as different units of Sting can form the unique composition.

Size? Small.

Quality? Immense.

Coffee table Brand: Cattelan Italia

Materials: Brushed Bronze, Ceramic

Coffee table Sizes:

  • Diam. 21 x H45cm
  • Diam. 21 x H50cm
  • Diam. 21 x H55cm
  • Diam. 26 x H45cm
  • Diam. 26 x H50cm
  • Diam. 26 x H55cm


Vinyl coffee table

Glass coffee table with base in chromed steel, embossed lacquered steel.

Murano artistic glass top in Petrolio or Madreperla colors. Handmade top according to the ancient techniques of Murano made of Murano vitreous paste with Madreperla effect. Imperfections, streaks, color variations and irregularities of shape are characteristic of the handmade work and are not to be considered as defects.

Coffee table Brand: Cattelan Italia

Materials: Glass

Coffee table Sizes:

  • Diam. 50 x H26cm
  • Diam. 50 x H36cm
  • Diam. 50 x H46cm
  • Diam. 70 x H26cm
  • Diam. 70 x H36cm
  • Diam. 70 x H46cm


Yago coffee table

Yago – Dark Scotch

To exhibit a piece of simple and small furniture is no simple task.

To Cattelan italia, the Italian maestro in premium furniture, it is simply a chance to show off – by manufacturing Yago the coffee table with brushed bronze.

Intricate, and simplistic design, combined with the complexity from bronze, Yago coffee table has a strong aftertaste. Just like a sip of the finest Scotch.

Coffee table Brand: Cattelan Italia

Materials: Brushed Bronze

Coffee table Sizes:

  • W37 x D18 x H50cm
  • W37 x D18 x H55cm