New brand Mattiazzi: Wood expert

A new brand has joined us in 2022! Someone who knows WOOD the best.

Mattiazzi from Italy expertises in wooden chairs and stools.They have more than best designs, they also care about sustainability and where their wood comes from.


What’s new in 2021

They’re here! The pandemic has affected hugely in transport but new products have still made their way from Europe over to you!

There are plenty of new arrivals but a quick glimpse of the best models selected by editors in town!

You can never get tired of new sofa models:

Dining tables and coffee tables are new from eforma italia, while LAGO italia also presents new limited edition.

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New, and welcoming

Our new showroom in Happy Valley is open in May 2021!

While you know you can find all your favourite brands there, why not take a look at the important features?


Cattelan italia 2020: at last, some good news

There is no design without change: we are proud to present you our NEW 2020 COLLECTION. Now more than ever, our focus is on significant details such as materials, finishing and shapes, in an incessant search of manufacturing excellence. Our new collection counts 60 new products and it is a statement of our ability to coordinate spaces with versatility and originality.

Why not take a look at our Cattelan italia products?


There is always a way

Wallpaper does not have to be used on walls.Keep your chin up, there is always a way.

Interested in this design? Take a look at Wall&Deco’s wallpapers.


Wall&Deco: XTRA AR App

An image is dead, but the wallpaper in your home is not.So Wall&Deco Italy can do something different?

Yes they can.

Pictures? A bit too cold.

VR? Too demanding, and not everyone has the right equipment.

Wall&Deco goes with AR, with a little swipe and scan with your phone, Voilà , the moving wallpaper, very much alive.

Want to try the app? Sure.

Why not take a look at our Wall&Deco products?