Craftsmen, on masks

So we all know, masks are in scarcity in Europe.

A bunch of German sofa-craftsmen roll their sleeves up, and start making masks instead.

How are the masks? I don’t know.

But I do know Koinor is well-known for its premium craftsmanship.

So I am not that worried.

The mask manufactured by Koinor Germany are not only provided to consumers, but to the local community as well.

Corporate responsibilities, Koinor takes them very seriously.

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LAGO configurator: make YOUR OWN sideboard

How does my new sideboard look like?

In the past, the only thing you can do is to take a look at the product photos provided by the manufacturer, then close your eyes and imagine with your best effort.

But what if there is slight difference between the photos and the one you desire? Different colors? Different size? Sorry, no photo can help.

And Lago Italia is determined to provide a solution.
With their innovative and intuitive tools on their official website, you can customize your own sideboard, with your preferences in your mind and on your screen instantly.

Shopping from home, not that difficulty indeed.

Build your own LAGO unit here.

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At This Moment

If you happens to be a football fan, you will know who he is:

the midfielder playing for Juventus – Aaron Ramsey.

Right at this moment, he is with his close ones, sitting on a sofa crafted by Arketipo Italia, and doing what everyone should do – staying at home.


Modern Home

Modern Home Magazine has been our partners for quite a while.

This video can be credited to not only our friendship,

But to our aesthetics as well.