Absolut sideboards

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Auxiliary furniture does play an important role in the home, which is something people always ignore. Therefore, it is worthy to dedicate to choosing them the same amount of time. sideboards and cabinets are usually considered one of the most important auxiliary furniture, which are very useful and versatile.

Despite the fact that for a while they went out of fashion, nowadays they're a must-have furniture for all people.

If you plan to buy a sideboard or a cabinet for your dining room, we are here to give you some interesting tips to choose the perfect one for your home.

  • Before buying a sideboard it is essential that you are clear about the approximate size you want this piece of furniture to have.
  • When it comes to choosing the materials, colors and style of the furniture, it is best to take into account the rest of the decoration, and choose a piece that fits with the other elements of the room.
  • When choosing a sideboard you should also take into account the use you are going to give it.

Ready to buy sideboards after reading all above tips? There are 20 quality Italian sideboards and European sideboards you definitely should check out!


36e8 sideboards

Using our 36e8 modular system, you can reinterpret a storage classic in a contemporary key, creating original sideboards, suspended in the air or resting on the floor by combining dimensions, shapes and finishes. Volumetric combinations of colours and materials, aligned or misaligned, suspended or resting on the floor, in the form you want. The variety of compositional and chromatic possibilities, and choice of drawers or drop-down doors, lets you create compositions tailored to your spaces.

36e8 sideboards lend fresh vitality to the room, enriching and optimising storage in the living room, dining room or entry, with clean, elegant lines. 36e8 sideboards are the perfect solution for adding storage and usable surface space to entries and access rooms.

Sideboards Brand: LAGO

Materials: Glass, Wood

Sideboards Size: Multiple compositions available at depth 40.6 or 56cm (Customizable)


Absolut sideboards

In the high-end material division, leather is always the one that stands out. Leather is luxurious, it is soft, and it is rich and it is filled with life.

Furnish a sideboard with leather? Of course, why not?
It is Cattelan Italia’s idea to put it on the sideboard Absolut. Along with other extravagant material such as steel, glass and wood, the leather on Absolut just put any sideboard into shame.

Sideboards Brand: Cattelan Italia

Materials: Leather

Sideboards Size:

  • W147 x D46 x H80cm – 2 doors
  • W220 x D46 x H80cm – 3 doors


Altea sideboards

Sideboard in oak or in lacquered MDF. Two doors. Tempered glass cabinet, 6 mm. thick with hide clad. Inside light. Two inner drawers and one shelf.

Sideboards Brand: Alivar

Materials: Glass, Wood

Sideboards Size: W126 x D49.5 x H114cm


Aston sideboards

Some prefer the modesty of wood; Some prefer the extravagance of leather; Some prefer the clarity of a well-made mirror.

And the dilemma occurs when you need to pick one between these three premium pick-worthy choices, as they are all very valid and reasonable choices.

And here comes the Aston sideboard – the solution manufactured by Cattelan italia. With the perfect balance between the prestigious leather-quilted door, the mirror and the fashionable brushed bronze, the awe-inspiring oak(or walnut at your disposal) door, there is no need to pick one.

Sideboards Brand: Cattelan Italia

Materials: Brushed Bronze, Leather, Wood

Sideboards Size: W218 x D45.5 x H73cm


Boutique sideboards

All these collectibles, from all over the world. Don’t you think they deserve a better accommodation?

True, why not them in wooden sideboard? Not a bad choice, but then the only you can see is the sideboard itself.

Is there a possibility of compromise: viewing your items while appreciating the sideboard? Cattenlan italia convincingly: “there is.”

Boutique sideboard is the new addition to Cattelan italia collection. With the fumé glass, Boutique strikes the perfect balance, while not being outshone by your precious collection.

Sideboards Brand: LAGO

Materials: Glass, Leather

Sideboards Size:

  • W224 x D42 x H84cm
  • W224 x D42 x H74cm

Europa Keramik

Europa Keramik sideboards

Italian sideboard with sliding doors and insert into the top in ceramics painted frame. Internal shelves in clear glass.

Sideboards Brand: Cattelan Italia

Materials: Ceramic

Sideboards Size: W230 x D48 x H73cm

Focus CrystalArt

Focus CrystalArt sideboards

Italian sideboard 2 or 3 doors in lacquered wood. Doors in extra clear glass with artistic decorative printing in two different colours and embossed titanium aluminum profiles. Polished stainless steel feet. Internal clear glass shelves. Optional: internal drawer in each door. Optional: extra clear matching CrystalArt glass top.

Sideboards Brand: Cattelan Italia

Materials: CrystalArt

Sideboards Size:

  • W147 x D46 x H83cm – 2 doors
  • W220 x D46 x H73cm – 3 doors
  • W220 x D46 x H83cm – 3 doors
  • W147 x D46 x H73cm – 2 doors


Galatea sideboards

It appears suspended, supported simply by the essential nature of its design. In reality, narrow feet support it with extreme lightness, diverting attention to its special crafting techniques. The horizontal incisions across the front, as well as the style, appear to extend beyond the limits of its shape.

Sideboards Brand: Alivar

Materials: Wood

Sideboards Size: W234 x D47 x H80cm


Hilton sideboards

Italian sideboards, display cabinet in lacquered frame. Door profiles lacquered in wood. Doors and internal shelves in extra clear glass. Available in multiple sizes. Sideboard h74 and h139 with top in white or graphite painted extra clear glass.

Sideboards Brand: Cattelan Italia

Materials: Wood, Glass

Sideboards Size:

  • W122.5 x D49 x H74cm – 2×1
  • W122.5 x D49 x H139cm – 2×2
  • W122.5 x D49 x H204cm – 2×3
  • W184 x D49 x H74cm – 3×1
  • W184 x D49 x H139cm – 3×2
  • W184 x D49 x H204cm – 3×3


Lavander sideboards

Italian sideboards 2 or 3 doors in lacquered wood, or Brushed Bronze or Brushed Grey.

Sideboards Brand: Cattelan Italia

Materials: Wood, Brushed Bronze

Sideboards Size:

  • W147 x D46 x H83cm – 2 doors
  • W147 x D46 x H73cm – 2 doors
  • W220 x D46 x H83cm – 3 doors
  • W220 x D46 x H73cm – 3 doors

Mont Noir

Mont Noir sideboards

These are just some of the adjectives that are constantly associated with the color of black. Indeed, the negative connotation of the color has made it the less popular choice in decorating household.

Yet, when you first caught the glimpse of the Mont Noir storage series manufactured by the Italian ALF, you finally understand the true meaning of ‘guilty pleasure’.

There is always a devil residing in every one right?

Sideboards Brand: Alf DaFré

Materials: Wood

Sideboards Size: customizable


Moore sideboards

Moore is a collection that pays tribute to the tradition of the dining room with a table whose apparent metal structure is reminiscent of the shape of swords Japanese samurai memory and supports oval and circular marble tops, glass or wood.

Completing the line a cabinet covered in leather with elements in solid black walnut frame whose base is reminiscent of the table , a chair sober and well-proportioned and a comfortable armchair.

Sideboards Brand: i4Mariani

Materials: Wood, Leather


Musa sideboards

When our lovely customers are enquiring about TV cabinets, they cannot help but raise a specific question: “Will the finish come off?”

After some conversations, we know that low-quality furniture cannot escape the same fate, caused by sunlight, humility and time. We never can relate ourselves to such situation, as our made-in-Europe furniture never encounter such problems.

Like Musa, the TV cabinet made by the Italian Alf DaFre.

Musa is made with the finest material in Italy and the finest craftsmanship in Italy. The details show how meticulous the Italians are. We are confident that, after examining Musa in person, no one will ask the question.

There is always a devil residing in every one right?

Sideboards Brand: Alf DaFré

Materials: Wood

Sideboards Size:

  • W175 x D52.7 x H50cm
  • W195 x D52.7 x H75cm
  • W220 x D52.7 x H75cm
  • W130 x D52.7 x H145cm


Niky sideboards

The detail becomes the soul of the project for a unit that becomes modular system thanks to the modularity extended.

A structural foot becomes an architectural element to define the proportions and calculate the perimeters.

Cabinets have a frame in melamine coated panels with beige linen finish; outside the frame is covered by panels veneered in wood like eucalyptus; doors and drawers available in wood like eucalyptus, in leather, in saddle leather or varnished in brushed bronze colour. On request, cabinets are available veneered in all the other wood finishes in collection.

Niky is a system of thought that amplifies the concept of seat design scale.

Sideboards Brand: i4Mariani

Materials: Wood. Leather


Nobel sideboard

Nobel is available as a European sideboard or cabinet, with painted metal feet, in a broad range of sizes and different solutions with doors and drawers. The opening mechanism can be chosen from a choice of push-pull or a leather knob.

Sideboards Brand: Alf DaFré

Materials: Wood

Sideboards Size: W192.5 x D52.7 x H52.4cm


Paramount sideboards

It is through the reflections in which you acknowledge the achievement of your life. To be specific, these reflections are in bronze yellow.

Paramount, the magnificent sideboard manufactured by Cattelan italia, has justified itself with the reflections on its beautifully crafted doors.

Paramount – the mirage
The mirage is better than the reality, sometimes at least.

Sideboards Brand: Cattelan Italia

Materials: Glass

Sideboards Size:

  • W147 x D50 x H73cm – 2 doors
  • W220 x D50 x H73cm – 3 doors


Plenum sideboards

The Plenum sideboard is a monolithic piece entirely covered in glass, a perfect solid for clothing with different materials, from the XGlass finish to lacquered glass.

Essential and material, the European sideboards have coplanar sliding doors that eliminate bulk and open to reveal generous storage space.

Sideboards Brand: LAGO

Materials: Glass

Sideboards Size: W220.8 x D56 x H75.3cm

Recta: customizable sideboard

Recta sideboards

Recta is available in the European sideboard, cabinet and bookcase version. Recta creates colour contrasts between the door and drawer fronts and its structure, where the partitions also act as a base. The central doors of the cabinet and sideboard have a total aperture of 180°. Excellent modularity and configuration possibilities, with internal lacquering available.

Sideboards Brand: Alf DaFré

Materials: Wood

Sideboards Size:

  • W170.6 D49 H43cm
  • W220.6 D49 H43cm
  • W186.8 D55 H78.2cm
  • W216.8 D55 H78.2cm
  • W246.8 D55 H78.2cm


  • W127 D49 H155.5cm
  • W167 D49 H155.5cm
  • W127 D49 H160.5cm
  • W167 D49 H160.5cm


Rigadin sideboards

Our history in one collection. Solid wood is the essence of Rigadin sideboard. A fine, authentic collection, where beauty is substance as well as form. Quality and simplicity are moulded to measure, at one in their inspiration and craftsmanship.

Sideboards Brand: Alf DaFré

Materials: Wood, Marble

Sideboards Size: customizable


Tudor sideboards

European sideboards embossed lacquered wood, with doors in Brushed Bronze or Brushed Grey wood. Feet in embossed lacquered steel. Partially mirrored inside and fumé glass shelves.

Sideboards Brand: Cattelan Italia

Materials: Wood, Brushed Bronze

Sideboards Size: W90 x D43 x H128cm